Life is out there to enjoy! With our family! Our friends! Out in a restaurant! At home around the table! By the beach! Our wish is to develop products that accompany you in every little or big moment of your life, because:

All of us at Green Cola form a dedicated team, passionate about making the enjoyment of soft drinks available to everyone in the healthiest way! We are always seeking ideas that make a difference, which is why there are more of us every year, with new members added to our workforce year by year! We combine know-how with bold suggestions, enjoy teamwork, operate in a spirit of entrepreneurship, work together in order to bring fruition to our company’s vision of being “the green side of soft drinks”!

“We want to create a business that will do good to the people we are interacting everyday with” these were the exact words of the company’s founder Mr.Periklis Venieris when he set up the company.

As we grow and evolve, the attitude, the behaviors, the skills and the passion of our people will ultimately decide if we live true to the above statement. Make certain that this is our beacon to light every day!

We want our people to go back at home and be really proud of the company they work for. We want our people to feel part of a big family, a “team” that unites forces to do small miracles every day.

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