Green Cola Hellas, one of the fastest-growing producers of fast moving consumer goods in Greece today, comes it was born in  the border town of Orestiada, in Evros. It began with the aim of challenging convention and laying the foundations for a new range of products with ingredients that would come solely and exclusively from nature. It’s hard to be different and at the same time to be at the center of things.  But this was the challenge for all of us in Green Cola. To experiment with natural ingredients and create something alternative that will make history.

We are a new company in the soft drinks sector, continuing the long story of EPAP, the Union of Carbonated Drinks Manufacturers, which has a history  going back more than half a century. In 2012, we launched our first cola-type drink, which was a game challenger in the soft drinks category thanks to its unique characteristics. Green Cola was created to be the first cola-type soft drink for consumers who want a product with real taste, natural ingredients and low calories.

Green Cola was just the beginning, laying firm foundations for our company to grow over the next four years. In the 2012-2015 period, we recorded three successive years of high growth, with an average annual rate of 200%, and developed a wide range of products, Pure Cola (cola with extract of green tea), BLE (flavors), Mix & Match (soda & tonic) and Mad Mojito (nonalcoholic based mojito), which can be found everywhere. Our goal is to keep searching for “the green side of soft drinks”.

At Green Cola, we have a passion for strong flavours and the intense feelings that a soft drink can give you. However many years go by, we will always be looking for something different. Something that will first surprise us, and then all of you.


May 2, 2017

EPAP S.A., the Union of Carbonated Drinks Manufacturers, is founded. From 1983 to 2009 it produces well-known brands of soft drinks on behalf of 3Ε. In 1999, EPAP undertook the exclusive production of Tuborg products, while in 2010, with the know-how it has gained, the company begins producing its own Sparky brand, as well as private-label products for Greece’s largest retailers.


May 3, 2017

Pericles Venieris acquires  EPAP SA, based in the border town of Orestiada, with the vision of creating truly innovative products that will meet the modern needs of consumers in Greece and beyond. Its vision to revolutionise the sector.


May 4, 2017

This is the first time that a Greek company has experimented with creating a cola product like no other, with a great taste and no sugar or excess calories, containing sweetener from the stevia plant and natural caffeine from green coffee beans.


May 5, 2017

Next in line, BLE range, soft drinks with fruit flavor, which harmoniously combine traditional Greek flavours with natural ingredients in three favorite products – orangeade, lemonade and sour cherry – without added sugar and sweetener from the stevia plant, which means almost zero calories.


May 6, 2017

Green Cola has quenched Greek consumers’ thirst for something new and has now begun a journey that goes beyond Greece’s borders, building a strong presence around the word. Green Cola enters  Endeavor’s global list, which includes companies that stand out for their innovation around the world and high rate of growth.


May 7, 2017

Green Cola continues to surprise us, this time with the launch in Greece of Pure Cola, an innovative combination of an authentic cola taste with sweetener from the stevia plant and green tea extract, having though no teine and no caffeine.

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